Staying Organized With The Environment In Mind by Emily Graham

As a parent, it’s your job to keep yourself and your family organized. As the steward of the earth, it’s also your responsibility to reduce your environmental impact as much as possible. Today, we take a look at how to marry those two obligations… All without breaking the bank.
Use reusable bags and containers.
When you choose reusable products, you eliminate plastics from entering the ocean or landfills. Consider EcoSense silicone food storage bags by Your Home Attire, which are dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven safe. They are also BPA-free and the perfect place to pack your kids' popcorn, pickles, and pretzels for lunch. And they start at just $8 CAD.
Keep up with your kids' medical history with digital files.
Even the healthiest of children see the doctor at least once each year. Make sure you keep up with their medical history, including their vaccinations, so that you can share it with educators and medical professionals alike. Use PDFs, which are easier to open than the Microsoft Suite of products. You can use a free tool found online, and this could help you maintain digital organization since all you have to do is drag and drop your scanned or digital images into your PDF file.
Maintain a clutter-free zone.
If you’ve already taken the time to purge your home of all the stuff you don’t need, make sure that you can keep it clean, tidy, and organized. Something to keep in mind here is that you’ll need to measure your space before you bring in any new organizational tools, such as cubbies or shoe storage. The last thing you want is to bring things home only to find you’ve wasted money on something that won’t fit. By knowing how much room you have, you can figure out if things need to shuffle around to accommodate your new organizational tools.
Use a digital calendar.
You can find digital calendars online with just a few clicks in the Google search bar. These are often free or inexpensive apps that you can share with everyone in your household. And if you’re already using a Google calendar, you can share this by following these steps.
Shop environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.
Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are just as (and sometimes more) effective than bleach and other “traditional” cleaning products. Many are plant-based, affordable, and even safe for the kids to use. Reader’s Digest recommends avoiding products with ammonia, phthalates, and PFAS compounds.
Grow a garden, and plan your meals around it.
One of the best ways to get organized at home is to grow your own food and plan your meals around what’s in season. HGTV explains that you’ll need to consult the zone hardiness map to decide what to plant and when. Depending on where you live, you may be able to plant two to three seasons out of the year, which will save you money on your grocery bill.
Be a good example.
When you want to truly keep your home clean, organized, and in line with the needs of Mother Earth, you have to walk the walk that you talk. Your children are watching every move you make, and when you take the time to set a good example, to give the next generation a head start on doing good for the environment.
Staying organized is an integral part of being a parent, just as being good to the earth is crucial to keeping our planet healthy and well. From using digital PDFs to eliminating waste by knowing how much space you have before you buy new products, today’s tips can help you keep a healthier and happier home and earth without blowing your budget.
Your Home Attire offers a full line of environmentally friendly products for parents.
Written by Emily Graham
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