3 Baby Food Storage Ideas For New Moms

Taking your newborn baby home is one of the most exciting yet nerve-wracking parts of motherhood. There’s so much to learn and understand during those initial stages, and you really just want to do everything you can to keep your baby safe.

As they get older and their stages begin to progress, you start to do more research about each stage, including what’s safe and what the best options are out there. One of the things you may not consider immediately as a new mom is baby food storage. However, you will quickly realise that this is definitely something you need to keep in mind, whether it’s storing breastmilk or for later months when they start to have solids.

Tips For Finding Safe Baby Food Storage Containers

When considering baby food storage containers, or any food storage containers for that matter, there are a few things you should check for:

  1. Ensure they are BPA-free:  Babies are extremely sensitive, and hence you want to protect them from anything that could possibly bring them harm. Many plastic containers contain a harmful chemical known as BPA that can leach into your food. In order to keep this from happening to your baby’s food, ensure you use BPA-Free containers. Silicone containers are a great option to try.

  2. Avoid single-use plastic containers: Whether your baby is still in the breastmilk or formula-only stage, or they’ve moved up to solids, you’re going to need containers that will last. Investing in quality containers that can be used for a long time and sustain daily washing and sterilization is key.

  3. Check the storage period: The last thing you want after having spent precious time preparing feels for your little one, or pumping breastmilk, is to have the food go bad before you can use it. Some containers naturally give foods a shorter shelf life than others. With silicone food storage bags, you are able to store foods longer than traditional storage bags and containers. They are also more travel friendly, which is definitely a necessity when you are on the go with your little one.


The 3 best storage containers for baby food

EcoSENSE storage containers cover all those elements and more. We took into consideration even the smallest of details to develop our silicone reusable food storage containers. For foods, liquid or solid, dry or mushy, our reusable silicone food storage bags are best. They come in several sizes and colors, and they are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

These containers can also withstand extreme temperatures, so whether you need to freeze food in them or add hot foods to them, they will be perfectly fine. These bags also have measurements engraved into them, which is a great plus to have for baby food.

We also have breastmilk storage bags. EcoSENSE breastmilk storage bags come in packs of five, so you will have more than enough extra bags for extra milk. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe, bottle warmer safe, freezer safe, food grade safe, and leakproof, all elements necessary for breastmilk storage.

A great addition to your breastmilk storage bags is the EcoSense leakproof nipple and straw. Perfect for helping to feed your baby from the storage bag and great for toddlers to feed themselves using the straw. This multipurpose nipple and straw is a lifesaver.
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